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Manam (pronounced ma’ num) in Tamil means the mind, which is at once the most distinctive manifestation, and the quintessence, of Man. Machine is analogous, if not identical with, to mind, for it is the mind that creates the machine.

Man is a machine himself. Over the years, great innovators and numerous pioneers have contributed vastly for the development of machines that serve mankind in innovative ways. This synergy of man and machine has led to the inventions of numerous machines that have helped mankind to great lengths.

IC Engines rule every aspect of human life

Internal combustion engines have been developed as a result of vision by human intelligence. Great inventors like Leonardo da Vinci, Karl Benx, Rudolf Diesel and Nikolaus Otto all invented different types of internal combustion engines like the two stroke engine, four stroke engine, etc. The basic idea behind all the engines is that rapid oxidation of air or combustion takes place in a closed space or the combustion chamber. This simple principle has given a new direction to the way mankind moves ahead.

Internal combustion engines work on the principle of heat combustion in a closed space but this working in closed space has led to a new horizon for development of the human race. Internal combustion engines have enabled man to run anything on four wheels in top gear. You can now run everything from a motorboat to an airplane with the help of four stroke engines. The capability of these engines is measured in horse power which means higher the horse power; higher is the capability of an engine to take the load and perform well.

Moreover, the internal combustion engines or IC engines as they are popularly known as have contributed vastly in the growth of various industries like constructions, automobiles, agriculture, marine boats, etc. This has made the internal combustion engines to mark their presence equivocally everywhere. The history of automobiles begins with the invention of IC engines and the progress and performance of today’s automobiles attributes all its credibility to improvements in the performance of IC engines.

Apart from automobiles, IC engines made their impression in running construction equipment, agricultural pumpsets, marine vessels and more. Internal combustion engines rule every aspect of human life.

As a palindrome, Manam symbolizes the two-way integration that explains the momentum and growth of the company. The development and growth of the Manam Group is the collaboration of man and machine, working in tandem, in double harness. The consequent synergy has manifested itself, with the passage of time, into distinct entities of a corporate group, and is ceaselessly active in the process of generating and realising ideas of value and benefit.